This thorough online guide, together with video tutorials, is specifically made for parents, showing parents, how to safely achieve beautiful images using your phone.


Sometimes it's just not possible to hire a professional photographer

So we came up with a solution...

You will be shown how to incorporate everyday items found in most 'new parents' homes without the need to buy any special equipment. You'll have access to safety, how to set up, wrapping and posing, plus lots of helpful tips and tricks.

I want as many parents as possible to have access on how to achieve beautiful images of their newborn in order to cherish and share with family. Especially when family members are unable to visit in person! Baby's features develop, change and evolve daily and the window of opportunity is small.

A thorough guide, including video tutorials, created to equip parents on how to safely and beautifully photograph their newborn baby when professional photography services are unavailable, particularly due to country restrictions during COVID-19 and for parents who, by choice, choose to limit contact with visitors.

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